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We are delighted to welcome you and we hope that your stay with us will be most pleasant.



The  heating    swimming pools private  (heated from  June to  the end of September)  is  set  for  exceed  from  five degrees la  temperature ambient.  The  system heating is weather dependent (including wind and night time temperatures) therefore water temperature cannot be guaranteed.

Private pools are equipped with an alarm. This alarm is an important element in guaranteeing safety, particularly in the event of an accidental fall. Please read the section below regarding swimming pool alarms.

All swimming pools at Château Les Carrasses are cleaned regularly. Note that our maintenance team will have to go through the garden to access your pool.


When you arrive, your pool alarm will be activated – The siren will sound if someone swims without first deactivating the alarm. The instructions of  security are  displayed  on  a  panel near from  the  swimming pool in  each  property. Please read them carefully. To preserve the tranquility of the estate, don't forget to turn off the alarm before swimming.
Before your arrival, a verification of the proper functioning of the alarm was made. If you find that it is not working, please report it immediately.

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