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We are delighted to welcome you and we hope that your stay with us will be most pleasant.


Château Les Carrasses is a secure place. All fixtures and fittings comply with strict French safety standards, including height of barriers, locks, window protection, swimming pool safety shutters etc. However, as in any large area, borders are always permeable, and you must know at all times where your children are!

The main swimming pool is accessible by a child safety barrier and all the private swimming pools have safety shutters complying with French safety standards. Note that shutters and other security systems do not replace the vigilance of parents and that it is their responsibility to watch their children at all times.


It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the doors to the terraces are locked and alarms enabled, even when not in the property (e.g. in case day time, evening out). 


In the castle, fire extinguishers are available in the hall of each floor. All rentals have a smoke detector and their own fire extinguisher, usually stored under the sink. For your safety, be sure to identify the location and correct operation of your fire extinguisher at the start of your stay.


The villages and surroundings are generally very safe (beware of the Mediterranean driving style, however!). Normal vigilance is required as everywhere but serious offenses are very rare. Be very careful at the main exit of our site.


Out of respect for the other residents, please respect the silence after 10 p.m. If your party lasts beyond this time, we suggest you go inside to continue the party in your house or come to the bar.

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