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Air conditioning & Heating

The air conditioning in each suite is reversible providing both cooling and heating. Using the remote control, you can adjust the temperature and fan speed.

  • USE THE 'ON/OFF' BUTTON to switch on/off.
  • USE THE ARROWS to change the temperature.
  • USE THE FAN SPEED BUTTON to increase it.
  • USE THE 'MODE' BUTTON to change from cooling (snowflake) to heating (sun). You won't need to touch it.

In summer, the air conditioning will be programmed at a temperature adapted to your arrival (22°). In winter, the heating will have been set to a comfortable temperature. We recommend that you maintain this temperature by activating or deactivating the air conditioning according to your needs.

If you program a temperature that is too cold (17° for example) to have a cool room more quickly, the air conditioner will not be able to respond to your request and you risk putting too much strain on the system and damaging the engine. The system will put all its energy into cooling the room where the main remote control is located, and will turn off all the fans in the other rooms. By leaving the temperature at 22°, the fresh air will spread throughout your accommodation. If you want the rooms cooler, lower the temperature a degree or two at a time. Of course, remember to close your windows when the air conditioning is on.

Although air conditioning is obviously a compromise, we feel it is important for the comfort of our guests. Our heating and air conditioning systems operate via reversible heat pumps, the most energy efficient means.

Thermostats (Analog Control)

The control device (it's a setting button, not a screen) in the secondary rooms allows you to change the temperature in the relevant room. However, for this to work, the air conditioning must first be turned on on the main remote.

Please note that secondary rooms cannot be cooler than the temperature indicated on the main remote control. Up (sun) for heating, down (snowflake) to cool the room.

To save energy, please turn off your air conditioning when you leave your house. Rooms will refresh quickly when you return. The heater can be left at a comfortable temperature.

People in our area keep their homes cool in the summer by closing windows and shutters during the day and opening them at night to let in the cool air. It works surprisingly well especially in buildings like ours with very thick walls. Please also remember to turn off the lights on your terraces during the day – it's the button with the little orange light!


Voltage: 220 Volts. Adapters are available at reception.

Our electrical and plumbing systems are very efficient in terms of ecology. All lighting is done with LEDs and the fixtures are category AB. Our plumbing systems are also designed to be as efficient as possible, saving more water than traditional systems, while providing the feeling of high pressure.

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